Western Maryland Outing Oct 10, 11, 12, 2014

Monroe Pavilion

Participants: Mike Abramowitz, Jason Beckstrom, Jim Keil, Rodger Johnson, Bob Mosier, Steve Fletcher, Frank Bowles, Ken Bowyer, Joe Robinson, David Simms, Lee Canby, Greg Sholly, Lou Reichel

Gathered around the fire

The Western Maryland Outing and Campout was held at Big Run State Park in Garret County. At least 6 tents were pitched in the Monroe Run Pavilion, two tents outside and one brave outdoorsman just unrolled his sleeping bag (on a queen size air mattress) on the open floor. A few people stayed at Keyser Inn in Keyser, WV. A campfire was built each night in the pavilion's large stone fireplace. The leaf foliage was in full color. The weather was cool and a little on the wet side with some good fall drizzle and some fog. Just right for BWO and large trout. Fishing was technical for most except for those who knew what they were doing.

Fishing took place on the Savage River watershed in the upper and lower sections and in the feeder streams for brook trout and brown trout. Even with the rainy weather the stream was flowing at only very slightly higher than normal and the water was only slightly off color. Lots of mayflies; BWO #18-20 dark olive to gray color, another mayfly in the #12-14 size which may be slate drakes (couldn't see body color), a brown body mayfly in size 14 which may be Blue quills, and crane flies.

casting in 7X Pool

North Branch Rainbow

PHD Pool

Lou Reichel fished the North Branch one day, way below the Blue Hole and Warnick Cemetery. After using multiply dry flies, wet flies, nymphs and midge pupa, he landed two nice rainbows with Jay's Patuxent Special and missed a few more until the size 5 tippet broke (or bad knot) with a big strike. Lots of BWO #18-20 and Slate Drakes #12-14, and few very small #20 dark stoneflies(?) on NB. However no trout surface activity.

Joe's Crabtree Creek Brookie

Mike's Savage River Brookie

On Friday people slowly showed up since the rain started midday. However, Lou was seen fishing the PhD pool for 3 hours to one rising brown trout. The trout could be seen at mid level and rise to his fly and the trout's nose would gently push the fly away. Few times the trout's white mouth would open only to quickly spit the fly out and laugh at Lou with broad white smile. Everything from BWO #20, Adams #20, Griffiths Gnat, small ants, beetles, crane fly, small dark midges, and Simple Three hackle were used. Ken Boywer and Joe Robinson tried Crabtree Run for brook trout. Joe caught a nice 10-11 inch brook trout and saw other large brook trout swim under the leaves for cover. Jason Beckstrom accounted catching multiple trout on the Savage. By night time most of the people showed, tents were pitched, food was grilled, and campfire burned warmly.

On Saturday, cool and still slightly wet. Jason and Jim Keil were successful on the lower Savage River between the metal bridge on Savage Road and bridge on Rt. 135 at the confluence of the North Branch. Jason again caught at least 12 trout using elk hair caddis, pheasant tail nymph, crane fly and Hendrickson. The Hendrickson/red quill was suggested by Jim shortly before he fell in and got all his dry flies wet. I think Jason kept fishing the Hendrickson. Lou, Ken, Joe, Rodger, Bob tried different areas including the section between the two suspension bridges. Joe reported a large brown trout on a "gummy" San Juan worm tied by Mike Abramowitz. Mike also accounted catching a brookie in the lower section between iron bridge and Rt 135 bridge. Steve and Frank were seen on the PhD pool. Again saw crane flies, BWO, Slate drake, and Blue duns. Returning to the pavilion that night, Steve Fletcher cooked his world famous chili. Many bowls were eaten around a large campfire with lots of fishing tales. Lou was disappointed in not hearing any ghost stories on a dark October night.

Anyone need porcupine quills?

By Sunday morning everyone packed up except Mike Abramowitz who disappeared early that morning. We checked inside his tent to make sure there was no stiff body in the tent. Some tried to fish near the Rt 135 bridge, near the section that Jason and Jim were so successful on Saturday. Ken mentored one of our new members, Lee Canby, on leaders, tippet knots, and fly selection. After few misses, Ken and Joe left for home. Lou ventured further upstream trying crane flies, BWO, Adams, Blue Quills and Red Quill with no luck. Returning, Lou fell in and broke his wading staff in half and one of his Orvis wading boots sole came off. Luckily Lee was there, she gave him her wading staff, and helped Lou walk on the slippery rocks. Thanks Lee! As Lou was leaving around noonish, the missing Mike was seen walking the stream near the Rt 135 bridge. So all was well. Jason tried the Merrill property at the very upper Savage and reported that there were NO TRESPASSING signs at the barn. However, he still fished it anyway and caught some brookies. Afterwards Jason tried the section near the iron bridge on Savage River Rd and caught more brookies and browns on #16 elk hair caddis, #16 Hendrickson/red quill and #20 BWO parachute. So Jason is the Outing's Bragging Winner. Way to go Jason! Rain and Fog were rolling in and so Jason left.

Well, good trip. Until next year.

Lou Reichel

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